About Sean

Sean Yseult is best known as the bass player of the multi-platinum rock band White Zombie. As a child, Sean was immersed in the arts thanks to her parents. Ann was a Chaucerian scholar and Mike S. Reynolds was a well known Hemingway scholar, awarded the National Book Award and writing five definitive biographies on Hemingway. They were both English professors in North Carolina whose circle of bohemian artists, writers and musicians gathered often at the house for lengthy dinners, wine, and conversation.

Growing up in Raleigh, Sean Yseult and her sister Dierdre Alisoun were taken weekly to ballet, theater, and art openings, both landing onstage before grade school. Sean spent her formative years studying piano, violin, and ballet, while her sister studied flute, theater and ballet. Sean’s earliest talents emerged visually, creating psychedelic renditions of simple school assignments. At age six, a class assignment titled “Gray Mouse” was a burst of acid trip patterns and an explosion of colors, posted on the classroom wall next to twenty-six gray mice for all to see. Her parents had no trouble picking out which one belonged to their daughter. 



By the age of eight she was composing classical works and performing blues improv on piano with a professional blues band backing her in a smoky nightclub, the Frog and Nightgown. At twelve she was touring with the Raleigh Youth Orchestra as a violinist, and entered the North Carolina School of the Arts for ballet. At fifteen she received a scholarship to attend NCSA full time and moved on campus in Winston-Salem. Working torturously towards a career in NYC for ballet, she broke her foot just before her senior year of high school, forcing her to switch majors from ballet to visual arts. She excelled and was offered a scholarship to continue in visual arts, which led to a scholarship at Parsons School of Design NYC, where she earned a BFA in photography and graphic design. 

While at Parsons she co-founded the band White Zombie. After eleven years of writing, rehearsing, struggling, recording and touring, the band was headlining arenas with two multi-platinum records, two Grammy nominations, and had become a household name. 

Upon White Zombie's breakup, she moved to New Orleans in 1996 and returned to her original love of photography and design. 

She soon met future husband Chris Lee; in 2002 they founded the notorious Saint Bar and Lounge. Sean began showing photography in galleries in 2004, and continued to show in local group shows and galleries, receiving invitations from galleries in North Carolina and NYC as well. In 2006 she started Yseult Designs, reviving her outlandish psychedelic hand drawn graphics. The scarves and accessories were represented worldwide, sold in Barneys, Bendels and Liberty of London. In 2010 she released the autobiographical photo-book "I'm In The Band" (Soft Skull Press), which shares her behind the scenes shots and stories of life on tour in White Zombie. Her first solo photography show debuted in 2012 at the Scott Edwards Gallery to great success. She has since had four solo photography shows from New Orleans to NYC and Los Angeles.